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Fortunato Mazzone – “Cheat Tiramisu”

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Fortunato Mazzone –

“Cheat Tiramisu”

Fortunato Mazzone – “Cheat Tiramisu”


05 Min


4 mense



120g mascarpone cheese

(or smooth plain cottage cheese as a “cheat ingredient)

1 whole egg

50ml fresh cream

1 teaspoon of plain mayonnaise as an emulsifier.

100g sugar

50ml of good SA brandy

(or 75ml marsala or sweet port wine which is more traditional but brandy is the cheat SA ingredient)

100ml espresso coffee

½ a pack of boudoir biscuits

50g hot chocolate or milo powder


Mix the espresso with the brandy and sweeten with 4 tablespoons of sugar.

Dip the boudoir biscuits into the mixture and line the bottom of a small glass dish or break them up and line the bottom of individual ramekins if you wish to serve per person.

Stir the cream, cottage cheese (or mascarpone), the whole egg, the teaspoon of mayonnaise and the rest of the

sugar together thoroughly to make a smooth creamy emulsion.

Layer the creamy mixture just to cover the moist boudoir biscuits.

They must be properly soaked.

Add a second layer of well soaked biscuits.

Add another layer of the creamy mix and top with the chocolate powder generously

Leave in the fridge for ½ an hour at least to set.

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