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Ramon Gouws – Waldorf Salad

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Ramon Gouws – Waldorf Salad

Ramon Gouws – Waldorf Salad

Tyd: 50 min

Bedien: 4 porsies



100g Bwell Mayonaisse

30g Gorgonzola

1 head baby gem lettuce, halved

35g Parmesan and Walnut soil

10g pickled celery

1 green apple

15g candied walnuts

50g green grapes, halved

30 baby fennel

Fennel flowers

15g fresh peas



Make the gorgonzola mayo by passing the gorgonzola through a fine sieve and then mix same well with Bwell Mayonaisse. Set aside

On a mandolin, slice the whole apple carefully and place slices into acidulated water

Coat the apple slices in the gorgonzola mayo and stack two slice on the middle of a plate, then sprinkle with parmesan and walnut soil, place pickled celery, baby fennel and mint on top and repeat the process two times after to make a tier that resembles an apple

Coat one halved wedge of baby gem lettuce with gorgonzola mayo and sprinkle with parmesan walnut soil. Place to the side of the apple salad.

Garnish with candied walnuts,halved grapes and fresh peas as well as gem flowers

Sit bestanddele by:In a large pan Sauté the onion so that they cook but don’t have colour. Then add the tandoori paste and cook for 3 minutes on a low heat to start to release the oils from the paste. Add the stocks and bring to the boilBedien met:Finish with the cream and chillReheat when needed during service adding more stock and cream when necessary

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