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Ramon Gouws – Lemon and Lime Cheesecake with Chocolate Shortcrust

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Ramon Gouws –

Lemon and Lime Cheesecake with Chocolate


Ramon Gouws –

Lemon and Lime Cheesecake with ChocolateShortcrust


40 Min


12 Persone



For the Chocolate Shortcrust

180g butter

100g chocolate

(dark/white )

45g ground almonds

135g icing sugar

75g whole eggs

350g flour

2g salt

For the Cheesecake Base:

1kg Cream Cheese,


800g Thick plain yoghurt

450g Castor sugar

15 leaves Gelatin

1.5 lt Cream

50ml lime juice,

freshly squeezed

50ml lemon juice,

freshly squeezed

Zest of 3 limes

Zest of 2 lemons


For the Chocolate Shortcrust:

  • Melt the chocolate over a double boiler and then mix into softened butter
  • Add the chocolate butter mixture into a mixer with a dough attachment and add the ground almond, icing sugar and whole eggs into the mixture and mix thoroughly. Do not use a whisk as you do not
  • want to incorporate air into the mixture.
  • Add the flour into the mixture in three stages, a third at a time.
  • Once the mixture is smooth and thoroughly mixed, wrap the dough and refrigerate for 2hours.
  • After the dough has rested, roll it out between two baking sheets to about 5mm thick, then chill in the fridge again for another hour.
  • Pre-heat the oven to 145 degrees Celsius
  • Once the dough has chilled again, quickly cut the desired shapes you would like and place on an air mat in the oven. Bake until golden, roughly 15-12 minutes.
  • Remove and cool on a cooling rack


You can also line a tart case / or mould with the pastry at step 5 and then follow process to chill another hour.

For the Cheesecake Base:

  • Bloom the gelatin in cold water
  • In a mixer, whisk 1.4lt of the cream to between stiff and soft peak, and set aside.
  • In another mixer, add the cream cheese, yoghurt, zest and icing sugar and mix thoroughly.
  • Gradually add in the lemon and lime juice whilst the mixer is on.
  • Remove the gelatin from the cold water and squeeze out excess water
  • Heat remaining 100ml of cream and dissolve the gelatin completely, then remove and allow to cool slightly
  • Add the gelatin cream to the cheesecake mixture gradually whilst the mixer is mixing
  • Finally fold the whipped cream into the cheesecake mixture thoroughly 

You can set the cheesecake mixture in a mould, tart case or a dish.

You can even place it in a piping bag and pipe it if you like.

All depends on your biscuit base whether you are doing a base, tart case or crumble/ soil Garnish

and serve with fresh berries, micro basil and micro mint

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