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Ramon Gouws – Cured Salmon

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Ramon Gouws – Cured Salmon

Ramon Gouws – Cured Salmon


30 - 40 Min


8 Persone



450g Cured salmon, thinly sliced

100ml B-well Canola oil

100g Basil

230g Horseradish crème fraiche

8 Clementines, segmented

16 Prawns, blanched and cut into

1cm pieces

5g Chervil

3g Bronze fennel fronds

1 Spring onion, thinly cut on the bias 

For the Cured Salmon:

500g Salmon fillet, thick loin cut

300g Coarse sea salt

300g Brown sugar

20g Black pepper corns

15g Coriander seeds

20g Chopped fresh Dill

50ml Gin

25ml Cointreau


  • Mix together all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • In a deep container, fill the bottom with half of the mixture, then place the raw salmon fillet on top.
  • Cover with the rest of the mixture, as to completely cover the salmon. 
  • Wrap and place in the fridge for 2 days.
  • After two days, carefully remove the salmon from the sugar and salt mix and rinse under cold water to remove the mixture. Wrap and keep in the fridge until needed.

For the basil oil

  • 100g Basil 
  • 100ml Canola Oil


  • Bring a salted pot of water to the bowl
  • Blanche the basil in the boiling water for 40 seconds then remove and place into an ice bath.
  • Remove from the ice bath and squeeze out any excess water.
  • Place the dill and the oil in a Thermomix and set to 4 minutes at 80˚C.
  • In the meantime, have an ice bath ready with a stainless steel container chilled over it.
  • After four minutes, pour the dill oil through a moist muslin cloth into the chilled container over the
  • ice bath. Do not force the oil through.
  • Once done, place the oil in a non- reactive container away from any form of light in the fridge.

For the Horseradish crème fraiche

  • 80g Creamed Horseradish
  • 150g Crème fraiche
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